when I was young I was

living in the forest

Laundries: places without

time she’s not coming back

he hangs his head

and shakes it. She still

of course knows everybody

but she talks a lot of non-sense

when she focuses on her

misery it’s a lot worse

then I’m going to

work and then back to

the hospital.


Because I walk in nature

it gives me so much energy


I have to remember to you

That I took it and I start

(I don’t like english) I

“ed” started that’s

What I meant I started

To read it and now no

and then you’re confusing

me and what was I saying

I started to read it and

you took it back


I would not have gone into

the sea without her

what does it look like?

wool, cracked earth…

it’s like the earth is made

of wool…cracked wool

“oops” she pulls aside

her top, her nipple pops out

oops again pop top out oops

top out pop oops “I want to

make love”


When she was little she said

to her mom, “when I grow

up I want to hug & kiss &

caress all the ladies & gentlemen

in the street, how lucky

are they going to be!”


no water—

honey thickened

liquids only


nectar consistency

oh God

“I don’t feel like singing


“we’ll sing them to you.”

sing songs,

oh God

It’s freezing in here—


just remember this phrase

“I’m too blessed to be


we’re living like gypsies.

I’m finished.

What would you want?

I don’t want anything.

It’s all equally impossible.

Something about some

medication suppressing


What do you want?

I want to get out of this


What? The bed? The hospital?


The only way to get out

is to get better.

The guys who cleaned the

vents have a special

filter which is more

or less permanent

but since I’ve been out

of the house I haven’t

been able to make an


Do you want to write

something in my journal?

What? That this is the

worst time in my life ever


Do you have something for

lips? Oh my back is breaking

this was faith who

says happy birthday to you

she owes me money, you

want me to squeeze some

in your hand? take

it on your finger. Your

lips are raw, go head

rub it in.


They have to be cleaned.

Call room service, the

Bed has to be made.

What do you mean?

Do I have to be graphic?

She’s done? She’s finished?


Could you just move me

around a little with the



Could I just move you

around…? Sorry I didn’t

get that.


Well I’ve been in this

position for 6 hrs.

Let me give you your

breathing treatment

and I’ll tell the nurse

that you need to be



Is she still on the

Zoloft? Yes, in the

morning. Can you lean your

head up just a little for

me? would you like to be

cleaned up?


I changed the diaper,

I put her in the bed pan

but she didn’t do anything

oh christ

come on. want to take

a break?


well she didn’t have one

in the hospital.

The fact that you can’t

use the stairs is infuriating

I guess the only way you

can get out is if you

know the code.


First I have to ask

Them if I can go upstairs

Cause I fell, I fell

A few times.

We won two contests

In California. 99 women

What year? Well now,

Let me think, we won


What’s going on


They’re changing her

That must have been

some sound

we were called

chock full of notes

that’s a very witty name

all I do is give out money

getting upstairs is not my

department, let me see

if I can find somebody.

You must have had a

beautiful singing voice


so when is your poem

going to be finished?

Right now, it’s my last



You know that the

stairs can not be used?

They’re locked.

So they cleaned you up?


How’s everything feeling?

You able to get dressed?

Flexiflo Quantum

Enteral pump

there was a bright mist

before my eyes.

They have an outside lab

that comes in

the phone will work Monday

they draw me twice a

day, are you tired ma?

They have ablutions in

the morning. Yeah everybody’s

getting fed and cleaned up


Flavored Oral Swab

can you remember? No

tissues in the mouth.

They’re taking good care

of her. Who’s that calling?

Have a good night.











you are sometimes a

caracterture of yourself

I love you for free

you don’t have to pay

plunka, originally it was

a birch leaf.

Black Sea Roma



Rethink possible

patagonia san pellegrino

you found your eyes again


I’m a jelly fish

nosing in the garbage

she pulled out a paperbag

tossed away an empty coffee cup

unwrapped crumpled paper

popped a bit of bagel into her mouth

tubby red hair dyed thin straw blotch make-up


there was little that

could be done to

defend water from

the formidable

thirst of the



a dead wet mouse

closed-circuit television


I just got to get a

smoke before I go



park only within designated

parking spaces

display valid parking permit

on windshield

no repair work allowed

except in emergencies

parking at your own risk

vehicles without valid


abandoned cars and cars lacking current

registration will receive summonses

and/or be removed at owner’s expense

violators subject to summons by Police

Property of New York

City Housing Authority


It’s the law


clean up






fine $100

public health law 1310

the anabolics

department of sanitation

no dumping drains to Hudson River


Upper West Side

leaves no room

for spontaneity

that’s the big laughs

faded from sight

on his death.


Human ruins.

The primitive hungers

that civilization to

maintain itself

must deny.

Your electricity charges

Transparent disc

Complete on one side


Your green energy



you’re going to have

to unravel this one


vertical transportation


He was in it for

business and

in the end he found

out that they

were his pleasure.


The “Bushman Myth”

pertains to a certain

type of man who

is a type of outlaw.


These men are

compared to this

myth because of

their involvement in

killing the giraffe.


He sensationalized

their world with

sweeping landscape



The reason for the use

of taxidermy is to

romanticize the

unknown and create

a belief in a

culture’s primitivity.


Those who have

relied on words for

so long are

resistant to other

forms of discovery.


They remained

oppressed by the

desire to recuperate

the “Bushmen Myth.”


King Kong is a

fantastical creation

as a noble savage

intimately close to

nature, shunned

from modernity and

civilization (he is

out of place in New

York City and wrecks

havok there)


The nature of

culture change

is extremely



a monopoly of signs

and the phantasms

they provoke


I just vomited in the office.

It would be good to see you.



I had him for a workshop

ipod nano cases

rhinestone encrusted

colors on gold chains

they also had multicolored

rhinestone encrusted

jesus pendants or

medallions on gold


an so much smutty under

wear looks really gross


a pocket of reception

I’ll be home in 15


stop and write

dropped your mouse

9 voicemails 10 missed

calls and you

know what they

are? Prison.

Every one begins with

an automated

voice that says



STA scrubber room



put like a really beautiful

park there there’s a

marsh there

even though its far away

from the water its

all one lot

some people feel if

I’m living there and there’s

a light shining in my window

and I’m trying to

fall asleep

they sneak on

so I’ve been to the

vacant lot you’re really

close the guy who owns

it nobody’s doing anything

to that corner its

like a boat graveyard

how would they control

would that be open?

free launching

you work in health?

—yeah, administration.

It’s fun you know

everybody talks about

how nothing can be



cities burn the heart inner script of wanderer 

green intelligence drum of monk

odd phantasia of dawnbirds doubles in stomache memoryandtype

aching rack root without soil wreck of house

the world is alive for music forbidden knowl edge

the gods conquered in systems the passions without quality tempt

or saints band of mysteries blowing and clapping and dance

meditation of darkness blood the only way was the wild drive

silent paranoia of space when the rocking had subsided

vessel quick only illuminated holding the lantern a veiled

by tinkle and clank of her as possible stamped and woven

embroidery of womans inner clothing unseen

but certainly heard great profusion of neck laces ear  rings hair

pieces anklets and all brace lets nylon crepe and tulle

fish and moons silver coins

robes and physical boundlessness

Round stic  duane reade

life begins at 40 crock

pot original slow burner


mercury memory fire door neglect

the bird words of blue

tyme in sky marred by

popular thanks trance

in elevator cerebellum

aorta in passing glance

animal contact sick rims and tired

boot wounded ripping

out of a garbage bag


back of bank statement

but what of the annunciation

in pagan idolatry when the





flies away



tonguing a morsel from the crevice

of my tooth

royal mercury    of   the   world hhidden inovergrround growth

over grown geometricsce nes of metamorphosis in nthe baa th ouse

an otheer time imagery vernacular patter of the worldgods

tto receive seed with cupped palms calm cunt & cosmo gene &

ethio pan sunshine alpha beta bed scenes hidden behind the faces

and head

breaking beak ttap tap&out flew a bird into the verse

dwekk    waaak


dwellings     good friends of the east  the spinal cord is


direct way home warmth insides there dies the roaming

revenant of morning glories blue deepening in fumes as the oracles


flushing reflections for text woven hairandskin   NO illness


lowerback and   temples anilama  sleep animals  drink juice of

godd last moment god lock

i want to die


that blue fronk

he’s wearing that blue fronk




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